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The finest quality natural pearls have been highly
valued as gemstones and objects of beauty for
many centuries, and because of this, the word pearl
has become a metaphor for something very rare,
fine, admirable, and valuable.

Our luxury furniture collection is seen as a set of
pearls brought together, we named it with the french word
for identifying a pearl necklace: COLLIER.

The materials chosen are specially selected to offer an
explosion of colour and a three-dimensional effect.

COLLIER collection... each piece as a Masterpiece.

Designer: Roberto Serio

FERTINI CASA Baby is a collection that fits an
environment of enchanting and magical serenity.

Because every baby is a shining star and needs to be
treated like royalty, each piece is delicately
hand-cut and hand-worked to the very highest
standards, to welcome your precious tiny princes
and princesses into the world.

Our design is original and is a part of our timeless
signature collections. We offer hand-craftsmanship
to embolden our signature looks.

Our aim is to combine beautiful aesthetics
and a distinct point of view to give you
incomparable product.

All of our furniture pieces are benchmade,
individually built from start to finish on the bench
of highly skilled carpenters.

Luxury, style, and timeless elegance are the
hallmarks of Fertini Casa Baby design collection.

We transform baby rooms into something spectacular.

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